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What are the steps to convert a JPEG to a PDF for free?

There are a couple of ways you can convert a JPG file to a PDF file without any special software. You get two benefits when you convert to PDF from JPG – you are able to compress the PDF file and get the same quality image, which cannot be said about the JPG. Or you have a need to convert JPG into PDF of scanned pages available on your desktop. 

Here are the methods to change a JPEG into a PDF with the help of various JPG to PDF converters.

Via a Website

The first method to convert the JPG file into a usable PDF is the websites available online for use. These websites will work on all major platforms, and it is straightforward to convert JPG without any worry.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to any major search engine on your browser and then search for ‘convert JPG to PDF’ and hit enter. 
  • Now, open a website of your choice (adobe also provides the website to convert JPG files to PDF) and click on the select JPG file button. 
  • Now, browse for the file on the computer, and the online tool will convert the file for you. 

Use a Converter

You can also use a PDF converter to convert JPG images to small and compact PDF files. There are many PDF converters available online; use any one of them to convert your PDF.

Go ahead and search for a PDF converter tool and then download it from the web store and install it on the system. After that, you can use the tool and follow a simple on-screen procedure to convert the files. Just select the jpg file or files and then click on the convert button to start the process.

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