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Extra torrentz2: Download Latest Movies

Torrentz2 proxy

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Extra torrentz2

Torrentz2 proxy is one of the torrent sites where you can download movies, web shows, music, and tv shows extra. Though this site is not as famous as many torrent sites are. So to get more about this site let's read the blog till the end.

How does torrent 2 work?

Torrent works as a connection in the middle of your gadget and the site.whenever you connect to any proxy site. Torrent tracks your network server before going to your main website.

The alternative is torrent proxy 

Here you will get to know about alternatives for extra torrentz2.

1.Lime torrent 

This site was first introduced in 2009. This is one of the biggest torrent sites. Here you can download the movie faster. It is always considered in the top 50 torrent sites. The best part is it's not having a tough interface.

When you will open the site you will get to know easily about its all features. Though this site is banned in France, UK, Australia.


This site was founded in 2015. Here you will get all the latest movies, shows and cartoons. It's an ad-free site. The downloading of the movie is also very easy. This site is banned in the UK, Ireland, and Australia.


Torlock is one the best sites for downloading movies. This site was introduced in 2010. This site also contains most animation-related content. The monthly number of users on this website is more than 3.4 million. Though this site contains ads. And this site is banned in the UK, India, and Australia.

4. YTS

This is one of the best Torrentz proxy. This site was introduced in 2011. The monthly users are 33 million websites.

If you want to download movies then you have to use VPN. Here you can get all the classic movies. And here you will get movies in all the languages. Here you will get movies in HD quality.